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By using press on nails, you can quickly and easily change the appearance of your hands without the need for expensive nail salon. These fake nails come in a variety of lengths, colors, and styles to suit your preferences. You can find press on nails with various designs and styles at

Press on Nails & Glue-on Nails

Also known as glue-on nails, they are plastic nail extensions applied with special glue. This is a fast and simple method for extending your natural nails.

Press on nails won't hurt your nail bed, it's easy to fall off at any time, and you can wear premium fake nails at party.

Thenailspark sells nails can be worn for up to 2 weeks and reused multiple times. They come in a range of shapes, lengths, and finishes, offering more options than what you might find at a salon. These press on nails allow you to achieve a professional-quality manicure in just 5-10 minutes, without the high cost of a salon visit.

Best Press on Nail Brand

Whether you're a fan of an almond, round, pointed or square, there are plenty of excellent options worth shopping to suit your nail needs. Here, we've gathered some of the best press-on nails from top brands like Chillhouse, Nails of LA, and more.

Kiss ImPress

imPRESS is one of the sub-brands of the KISS group. Since 2012, imPRESS Press-on Manicure has been revolutionizing the beauty industry with a DIY manicure that is achievable in minutes! BYRDIE: “Don’t Sleep on the Press-On Nails Trend - They’re Easy and Virtually Damage Free.”

Olive & June

Olive & June was founded in 2013 by mani-obsessee Sarah Gibson Tuttle in Beverly Hills, California. O&J elevates the salon experience, giving women personalized attention and luxury service at an approachable price.

Static Nails

Priding itself in using the highest quality ingredients to create safer, better-performing products, Static is best known for spearheading industry-changing advancements such as the first Reusable Pop-On Manicure. ELLE: "Static Nails are the realest fake nails I know, I'm obsessed with their durability and styles."

Dashing Diva

In 2003, Dashing Diva was born to create the ultimate salon experience with hygiene at the forefront and made it an "instagrammable" moment before Instagram was even a thing.


Beauty should not be reserved for an exclusive few. It should be accessible, fun, and effortless for all. Glamnetic is here to change the paradigm of beauty. And they’ve only just begun. Press-on nails are part of their product line.


Founded in Hollywood, California , PaintLab started by developing innovative press on nails that replicate the gel manicures of a professional salon, all while celebrating the unique style within us all.

Nails of LA

With over a decade in the nail industry, founder of nailsofla, BRITTNEY BOYCE has amassed a portfolio with a breadth of expertise that extends from luxury fashion campaigns and covers of beauty magazines to the hands of celebrity clientele.

Luxxi Nails

From the very beginning, LUXXI was envisioned and founded by an unstoppable, audacious woman, who believes that everyone, no matter their color, age, or gender, should enjoy premium, salon-style luxury press-on nails.

Clutch Nails

Clutch Nails was created May 2017, but the founder, Alexandra Tonks, had started a version of this business when she was only a senior in college at UC Berkeley.


How to apply press on nails?

Make sure your nails are clean, dry, and free of nail polish. Push back your cuticles and wipe each nail with cotton soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove any oily residue. Make sure your nails are dry and buff each one so the press-ons have a smooth surface to adhere to.

Are press on nails safe?

What needs to be affirmed is: your natural nails are much safer underneath a pair of press-ons than gels or acrylics.

How to make press on nails last?

We recommend you apply these nails with nail glue and adhesive tab together to last 2 weeks. You also could apply with gel nail glue to last more than 2 weeks (only work on semi-transparent press on nails).

How to remove press on nails?

If you apply nail glue to press on nails, the removal steps are: file the press on nails (the thinner the better), then soak off with nail polish remover (15-20min).

If you apply adhesive tabs to press on nails, the removal steps are: soak nails in warm water for 10 minutes until glue loosens. Gently lift the nails with wooden stick from the side. 

How long do press on nails last?​

This comes down to the quality of press-ons you purchase, a good application can last up to two weeks with proper care. Thenailspark nails are durable, you can reuse them too.

How to apply semi-transparent press on nails without seeing any bubbles?

If you apply it with adhesive tab alone, there will have a lot of air bubbles can be seen through the nails because of semi-transparent. We recommend you apply semi-transparent press on nails with nail glue and adhesive tab together.

How to protect the paint don't coming off so easily?

Usually the paint comes off because the edge is not protected, we recommend you apply a layer of top coat from surface to edge after file the edge.