Cream Sweetheart Medium Square Press on Nails 15 Sizes



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These nails look good enough to eat! The Cream Sweetheart set features delicate, pale pink glitter that fades, ombré style, into a pure, opaque white as light as whipped cream.

The feminine colors are balanced with a practical, medium-length square shape. And of course, these long-lasting gel nails won't fade, chip, or split.

If you try out these nails, you may just look good enough to eat!


  • Material: Soft Gel
  • Nail Shape: Square Nails
  • Color: Purple
  • Length: Medium
  • Design Style: French
  • Certification: MSDS
  • Nail Finish Type: Glitter 

Made By 100% Soft Gel

We have made a revolutionary innovation, these press-on nails are made with a gel material at the very base, they are soft and flexible and have a soft curvature and seamless cuticle line. Making the fake nail fit extremely well to your nail bed and feel like a real nail.

Material 100% Soft Gel Nail Tips


Make your nails looks more natural, 99% similar like handmade nail tips.


Certification: All the press on nails have: MSDS/CE/ROHS/SGS. Glue plus jelly glue make sure long lasting than 25 Days!!!


Soft gel material is more comfortable, flexible than normal ABS, and thickness than other press on nails. This means that damage and cracks are less likely to occur.


Completely Salon-like Process

We made these press on nails completely follow the handmade process (base coat, color gel, pattern, top coat). The color and patterns are made by gel polish instead of printed by ink. These fake nails will not fade or crack while extending your natural nails. Get salon-like nails in 5 mins! 


Wear Them Weeks & Easy Remove

Do everything you normally would, they will not budged a bit and still feel as perfectly intact as they did on day one. Adhesive Tabs: This press on nails will loosen up + remove from nail bed effortlessly when soaked with warm water.

Package include: 30* square press on nails, 1* storage box, 1* nail glue, 1* adhesive tabs, 1* double-sided nail file, 1* wood cuticle stick, 1* prep pad


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